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preview picture of document The above scheme shows important differences in luminosity due to daylight. The regular disposition of lights can’t counterbalance this inhomogeneous repartition of light. In order to make sure that we have a homogenous distribution of light we also have to think about the effect of daylight. At sunny days we might find values of 40.000 Lux and more outside whereas we have only 300 Lux - 500 Lux inside the classroom when using only the artificial lighting... Document link

preview picture of document These 3 diagrams show that the centre of the classsroom is more lit than the perifery. That’s why the installation of lights on the ceiling needs the competence of a light engineer. It is not... Document link

preview picture of document The intensity of light is one of the most important aspects, to be considered when thinking about good lighting conditions. The international standards for classroom lighting intensity (luminosity) vary from 300 Lux to 500 Lux. German reglementations ask 1500 Lux for high precision jobs and tasks. Studies show that best performance in school (school results) show significant correlation... Document link

preview picture of document - Lights must be parallel to the lines of pupil seating
- The lighting should be mostly indirect combined with a white ceiling (for a good refelction)
- Lights with large surfaces rather than concentrated spotlights (halogen)
- ...
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preview picture of document The lights on the ceiling must be evenly spaced providing regular light without glare.Lights should be directed towards a white ceiling. The quality of the reflected light is much greater than the one of the source and so the same quantity of light can be distributed from a larger surface. Because the luminance of the lighted ceiling is much lower than the one of the light source, there will be reduced... Document link

preview picture of document Some colours disappear in poor light. In classroom lighting it is important to use chalk which gives best possible contrast. Similarly, good quality high... Document link

preview picture of document The pictures were taken in nearly identical environmental and technical conditions. The only difference was the temperature of light.
Pictures 1 & 3 : light tube with 2700 °K
Pictures 2 & 4 : light tube with 5000° K
In the above practical illustration, the...
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preview picture of document Adjustable Task Lighting can be used to facilitate access to school activities e.g. reading, painting, writing, drawing etc Document link