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OPTIC - OPTimising the Inclusive Classroom

The Optic project illustrates how good environmental design for young learners with visual impairments results in improvements in learning for other students therefore inclusion of the young learner with visual impairment in the classroom is likely to lead to a more positive experience for all.
“….improved environments impact on children’s learning”

optimised classroom

For those in the classroom:

As you read through the booklet or study the electronic resources, you will realise that this is only a starting point. As a class teacher you consider the individual needs of each child when you are planning lessons. No two young learners with visual impairment have identical needs but the materials presented here should help you to implement the minor adjustments required to give them full access to all aspects of school life, including the curriculum.

For those in education management:

As a strategic manager, making decisions about educational provision, you consider ways to ensure that educational environments support optimal learning. The recommendations made in the Optic resources are designed to help in planning new-build and refurbishment of school buildings. The examples given are necessarily limited, but should stimulate consideration of learning environments, and the more extensive list of references will lead you to further research and guidelines.